Testimonials for Sue Panger & Associates

"Sue Panger has assisted through many different events over the past 20 years where a kind, compassionate professional was of great benefit. We have had experience with other professionals in her field with nowhere near the results we attained with Sue. She truly listens, understands and uses her extensive knowledge base to formulate a plan that nets good outcomes. She is not judgmental and you feel comfortable talking with her regardless of your age or gender. We have had such positive experiences with Sue, that even though my insurance did not cover her services anymore, we continued to see her. We highly recommend her."
- Jim & Cindy

"Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that we were seeing you and other times it feels like years ago our lives intersected at such a troubled time for us. We're doing well, our relationship is strong, more ups than downs, and we have the tools now to confidently work through the downs together. We both agree, we would not be where we are today without your help." 
- Ana & Andy

"Sue helped me find my voice in relationships.  She also assisted me in hearing my words and seeing my actions through my partner’s perspective."
- Marsha D.
, Age 43

"I came to Sue with multiple problems and found I could talk about different topics with her.  Any kind of question was not too much.  Sue is a wonderful therapist, so caring and knowledgeable, but you don’t get by with nice words; if you needed to be told to shape up, she told you. I would recommend Sue and her services to anyone."
- Mary S.
, Age 80

"Through my work with Sue, I learned new skills in dealing with stressful life situations and learned mutual care techniques that have helped sustain our marriage. Sue very carefully led us on new paths to success."
- C.K.
, Age 54

"Our family came to meet and work with Sue Panger some ten years ago.  We were a family in disarray and did not know where to turn.  While speaking with a trusted friend about our situation, he suggested we contact Sue and so began our successful journey.

"At the time, our teenage child was going through some very difficult things: confusion, self-doubt and a bit of anger.  Together with Sue’s help and guidance our child and family began to get some answers.  We began to see and approach things from various angles and in turn began to heal.

"Sue’s gentle and caring manner made even the most difficult subjects open to discussion.  She taught us the communication skills that have helped us everyday since then.  Our family continues to keep in touch and stop in every now and then for a dose of Sue’s wisdom and guidance.

"We were thankful to have her on our side during this difficult yet rewarding process.  We will always consider her a friend and could never thank her enough for helping to put our family back together again."
- Anonymous 

"Sue taught me the skills I need to navigate my way through the rough patches in life.  It is because of her knowledge, expertise and genuine compassion that I now have the tools and strength to be able to confront my past and take on the future.  Thank you Sue, I highly recommend your services to anyone!!"
- M.D.
, Age 42

"My life was absolutely transformed because of my sessions with Sue, and although it's been over 10 years since I moved out of Kenosha, I've never forgotten the immense impact that she had in guiding me on my journey to living a life that was free from self-doubt and blame.

"I'm gay, and I was in a 23-year relationship that was struggling. I was viewing it, and my unhappiness, as being connected. It seemed easy for me to find fault with the other person and subsequently to blame them for me not feeling fulfilled. Oh yes, I had read all of the latest self-help books; attended a number of seminars; received affirmations from others; and explored online resources in my search for meaning and happiness. It was easy to make it all fit my story and confirm my conclusions. But it wasn't until I found Sue that I was able to start a healing process that brought true clarity in my life.

"As I recall, we met regularly for over a year or so. She was loving and encouraging and guided me to explore depths that I had never considered so I could find and understand the reasons why I felt the way I did about myself, my life, and the world around me. One of the first obstacles I was able to overcome was being caught up in my head with thoughts that kept me from sleeping well. Through the use of simple guided relaxation meditation, I was able to train my mind and body to quickly and easily sleep - a technique I still use on the rare occasion that I get caught in a mental loop. With Sue's help, I purged ill thoughts about myself and others; I came to understand what it means to love (myself and others); and I had the courage to live my life in ways I could not even fully imagine at the time. I was simply not afraid to explore my own possibilities - wherever that would take me.

"To this day, my life is absolutely amazing! I'm in a committed and loving relationship for over 8 years, and I live every day with a passion and exuberance that is free of self-doubt, blame and angst. Of course I have moments of stress and drama, but I am quick to shift those moments into possibilities, and I attribute that skill to Sue and balancing my life with articles, podcasts, and books that explore the human condition and how we can be empowered to drive improving outcomes for ourselves and our life. At age 55, the future remains brilliant! I am grateful, and at peace. Thanks Sue!"
- Dave S., Age 55

"Before starting hypnosis sessions with you, I had smoked for 16 years. During those 16 years, I had tried to quit smoking more times than I can count. I tried using nicotine gum, patches, cold turkey and any other way of quitting I could find. I was nervous and scared because I felt it was my last chance. If it did not work, I was scared I would never be able to quit. Now, three years later, I have not picked up another cigarette. I can be around people that smoke without craving a cigarette. And I finally feel like the non-smoker I had wanted to be for so long.

"I think the part about the hypnosis that has helped me the most is that it helps you become a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker. I no longer crave cigarettes and will never smoke again, because I am a non-smoker and non-smokers do not smoke. :)

"Thank you, Sue, for helping me break free from the relentless grip of nicotine and tobacco. You truly have saved my life."
- E.S.

"With wonderful counseling and careful guidance, Sue helped me through a very difficult struggle of self-mutilation and PTSD related to childhood sexual abuse.  Not only did I come out a survivor, but Sue helped our family remain intact and become stronger and wiser.  Much of what she taught me I use now to assist me through challenging situations. I cannot thank her enough for all she did for me."
- Margaret B.
, Age 48

"From chaos and fear you have given acceptance, calmness, comfort and understanding."
- Anonymous

"Everything worked out. Four months ago this would never have worked, so thank you for helping to fix my problems. You rock!"
- Anonymous
, Male, Age 30