Sue Panger's unique approach

Not everything that is faced
Can be changed,
But nothing can be changed
Until it is faced.
---James Baldwin 

Most of us have a longing for something more… that we can be something more. In this time-starved culture of ours, we know how to live the routine, keep to the schedule and get tasks done. But do we ever really resolve things? Are we who we really prefer to be? What in all of this really matters? 

Psychotherapy – therapy of the mind – is about transformation and change. In tiny incremental movements or quantum blasts forward, we arrive at greater understanding of ourselves and of the relationships we are in. In a process of simple conversation within a safe and private setting, your story will be invited out and honored.

Together we will mutually ponder how life has come to make sense to you, and examine the parts of your story that constrain you. Together we will co-author a more liberating story, one that frees your spirit, and moves you toward clarity. We will resurrect the dream tucked inside you to become that truer version of yourself. 

As a fellow sojourner I know that this process can be confusing, sometimes frightening, even painful. But one also of celebration and new life! I offer you my professional training, my experience on the planet, and a simple decency of heart. 

Your longing is sacred. Together, let us honor it.